How to Request Indexing an Article in New Google Search Console

In the past Google Search Console changed its appearance from the old version to the new version. Yesterday the old version can still be used to resubmit the sitemap to request indexing of the articles we just posted.

However, several weeks ago there were many functions that did not appear so that it could not be used to request indexing of each article that we posted.

Of course we want the article that we just post will soon be indexed by Google so that it appears on the Search Engine and attracts visitors to see each article that we just posted. We will also get additional visitor views.

If we don’t do an indexing request, we have to wait a long time for Google to do a Crawling on our site. This certainly makes us uncomfortable.

All of that is no problem, we must be able to use the latest version of Google Search Console to be able to request indexing of each of our articles.

How do you do it? Check out the following steps:

1 – Open Google Search Console

Google Search Console

2 – URL Inspection

Google Search Console – URL Inspection

3 – Request Indexing

Google Search Console – Request Indexing

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