How to Renew Certificate Hostname [CWP] – Let’s Encrypt

This time I want to share how to update / renew the ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt because it is expired at the Hostname CWP (FQDN) Address.

CentOS Web Panel - Let's Encrypt
CentOS Web Panel – Let’s Encrypt


  • Main Domain =
  • Hostname CWP (FQDN) =

The method is quite easy:

  1. Create a Sub Domain, according to the CWP Hostname (FQDN) address in CWP Client. Note: Usually the main domain has been added, only you can add the subdomain.
  2. Install AutoSSL to the Subdomain via CWP Client.
  3. Restart the Server.


Old certificates in /etc/pki/tls certs will be replaced with new ones automatically.

Thank you…

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