How to Import VMs from ESXi, Workstation, VirtualBox to Proxmox

On this occasion I would like to share How to Import an ESXi Virtual Machine, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox into Proxmox.

Incidentally, in the past, we worked on a project namely Physical Server Migration to Virtual (P2V).

We migrated this with the help of VMware vCenter Converter which we installed on the host to be converted. In this case the operating system that is converted is Windows.

If you want to convert a Linux operating system then you should do it with the remote host method (the VMware vCenter Converter application is installed on Windows). Then conversion from Windows Remote to Linux.

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Proxmox VE version 5.2 and the latest are very helpful for us to import virtual machines that we have.

The important thing is that we prepare the ovf (.ovf) file that we previously exported from esxi, workstation or virtualbox.

Step by step to Import Virtual Machines from ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox to Proxmox:

  • Prepare the Exported VMs files (VMs-File.ovf, VMs-File.vmdk, )
  • Proxmox VE version 5.2.x (installed)
  • Upload, Exported VMs files to Proxmox Local-Disk or Share Storage that has been accessed by Proxmox.

Use Import VMs Command on Proxmox

# qm importovf 100 VMs-File.ovf local-lvm

Tips for Import VMs from ESXi, VMware Workstation, VirtualBox to Proxmox:

  • Recommended using VMware Workstation application for Export VMs / using VMware ESXi.
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