How to Decrease Storage Capacity RDS MySQL on Alibaba Cloud

This article is my first article about Alibaba Cloud. In this article I want to share a little experience that I have done on Alibaba Cloud.

Last time I needed to reduce the database storage capacity on one of my company’s production server databases instances. Previously, I had never done a task like this and this task was the first task as well as new knowledge for me in the process of reducing the storage capacity of databases.

Decrease Storage Capacity RDS MySQL - Alibaba Cloud
Decrease Storage Capacity RDS MySQL – Alibaba Cloud

Because this process is related to the production server, this process feels quite challenging and needs to be handled properly and thoroughly.

But after the storage reduction process is complete, this work is very simple and easy to do.

How to reduce MySQL RDS storage? The following process I have done and was successful:

  1. Turn off RDS Auto-Renew instance (Don’t Auto-Renew).
  2. Waiting for renewal period.
  3. Renew the instance and reduce the storage capacity.
  4. Perform the next process until it’s finished.

The requirements for reducing storage capacity are as follows:

  • Instance using billing Subscribtion.
  • Instance uses Storage type: Local SSDs.
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