Free VMware Virtualization on Linux with VMware Workstation Player 14

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VMware Workstation Player

VMware provides free desktop virtualization software on linux users. The software is VMware Workstation Player / VMware Player. This product for personal non-commercial use. VMware Workstation Player is the core of VMware Workstation used to create and run Virtual Machines. The latest version that has been released is VMware Workstation Player 14.1.

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VMware Workstation Player provides a simple user interface, unmatched operating system support, and portability across the VMware ecosystem.

What’s New?

  • VMware Workstation 14 Player Version 14.1 is a free upgrade for all VMware Workstation 14 Player users.
    This release delivers improved guest support of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709)
  • Includes VMware Tools 10.2.0

VMware Workstation 14 Player Version 14.1 also contains bug fixes, security updates and performance improvements.

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