VMware Workstation 14 Pro Installation Steps on Windows 10

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Installing VMware Workstation for those of you who often use the Windows Operating System is certainly not a difficult case, for beginners-even if you want to install this application would be easy. This article focuses not only on installations but also on system requirements for the installation of this application:

The following system requirements that you should understand and prepare:

– Processor

  1. Processor x64
  2. Virtualization Support (AMD CPU with AMD-V support or Intel CPU with VT-x support)
  3. Processor output in 2011 or latest except:
    – Intel Atom processors (2011) Bonnell micro-architecture. Example: Atom Z670/Z650 and Atom N570.
    – Intel Atom processors (2012) Saltwell micro-architecture. Example: Atom Atom S1200, Atom D2700/D2500, and Atom N2800/N2600.
    – AMD processors based on the Llano and Bobcat micro-architectures.

– Operating System Support

  1. Ubuntu 17.04
  2. Fedora 26
  3. CentOS 7.4
  4. RHEL 7.4
  5. Debian 9.1
  6. Oracle Linux 7.4
  7. SLE 12 SP3
  8. OpenSUSE 42.3

– Memory

  1. Memory is basically it should be enough to run the host operating system, continue when you want to run the guest Operating System / VMs means need additional memory if enough to run the host and VMs
  2. For the minimum shown on the vmware website, at least 2GB ram, 4GB recommendation or more

– Display

  • Minimum 16-bit or 32-bit display adapter

– Disk Drive

  1. Support IDE, SATA, SCSI and NVMe
  2. Minimum 1.5 Free Disk (For Application)

NB: If you want to run a lot of VMs you need a disk according to the minimum requirement of VMs

– Ethernet

  • All Ethernet supported

VMware Workstation 14 pro Installation Steps on Windows 10 x64:

1. Open Directory Master Applicaton, Run as administrator VMware-Workstation -14-Pro-xxx.exe

2.  Next

3. I Accept the terms in the License Agreement then Next.

4. Check Enanchement Keyboard… and then Next.

5. Check All then Next.

6. Check All then Next.

7. Install and wait for the process.

8. Installation Finished.

9. Restart of your windows system, yes.

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